It’s concert season!

Just a few years ago, it was almost impossible to go see live music.  Even as things “opened up”, most concert goers had to wear masks.  The mask made enjoying live music much more difficult.  Harder to see, breathe, sing along, or enjoy that beer.  Now, this post is not about the efficacy of mask wearing…it’s about concerts and live music.

So here we are in 2024 and there are more concerts than ever.  Large ones, small ones, indoor club shows and large stadium concerts and everything in between.  In fact, the biggest challenge is choosing the concert to attend from a vast array of choices out there.

And for as excited as patrons are to attend live concerts, it’s equally rewarding to see just how enthusiastic most artists are to be out there playing in front of thousands of people.  The result is an electricity in the air at these live shows where everyone is just HAPPY to be there in the moment…enjoying.

Tip:  Summer 2024…go see a concert!