The two most common questions we receive are “Why should I advertise?” and “Why Radio?”. Here are some answers to these two very important questions:


  • For a small percentages of businesses out there, there may simply be no need or reason to advertise. They are too busy, have more business than they can handle, or just can’t stand the thought of more customers shopping their store or business. But 99% of businesses in operation today – they DO need to advertise. Why?
  • Because today’s businesses are in competitive categories – you are either growing market share or losing market share.
  • It is your best opportunity to grow revenue. By creating “brand awareness” for today’s customers and future ones.  Be “known before you are needed”.
  • Most businesses are already “efficient”. Cutting expenses can improve profitability in the short run, but ultimately top line revenue must be gained to achieve long term growth.
  • Active Advertising guides and shapes consumer preferences. Radio is ACTIVE advertising.
  • Advertising is directly associated with sales. A great business is a good business that advertises. The greatest businesses are great advertisers.


  • Radio is local. It provides very powerful benefits to businesses. If your business is local, you need to reach local customers- and radio delivers them.
  • Radio is word of mouth. We offer the credibility of a close friend. To thousands of people… your potential customers.
  • Radio reaches working people. Very simply, the people that have purchasing power for your goods and services.
  • Radio is a mass reach medium. With over 92% of people tuning into radio weekly.
  • Radio is free. There’s no subscription, data plan, or expensive hardware. Free to consumers is good for your business.
  • Radio is real. It is the last pure “supply and demand” driven business which ensures real reach, and fair pricing. There’s no bots, spyware, false accounts, tracking, or any false reach and fraud in its delivery.
  • Radio works. Listen to our stations and gain an understanding of why the most successful and credible businesses in the region advertise with us… because we work for them.